Like all SoapTime products, the goal of SquidSoap is to motivate the child to stay at the sink long enough for a proper wash. SquidSoap features an ink marker located on top of the pump dispenser so that when the pump is pushed down to dispense the soap, the hand is marked with an orange dot. The mark washes away with a 20 second wash, ensuring clean healthy hands!

  • SquidSoap is great for older children that already know to wash their hands; they're just in a hurry, don't think about it, or haven't instilled proper hand washing as a natural part of their routine.
  • SquidSoap helps change behavior, so that over time good hand hygiene becomes a natural, unconscious action.

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8.4 FL OZ (250 ML)
FDA Approved Temporary Ink
Citrus Scent


Is the Squid Soap ink safe?
The SquidSoap ink is completely safe. It is an FDA approved ink (Food and Drug Administration) and has been sold for many years in children's products.

Will the ink get on clothes and towels?
SquidSoap has a protective foam ring around the ink marker which helps prevent accidental marking. The SquidSoap ink is a washable ink that comes out of most fabrics and surfaces with soap and water.

Why does it sometimes take longer to wash off the ink mark?
This is usually caused by waiting too long to wash after pressing the pump. Using a washcloth will take the ink mark off very quickly even if it's been on for a while.

What do I do if the marker runs dry?
The marker is designed to last through the entire bottle of soap, but it will eventually run out of ink. If the ink goes dry before the bottle is empty, you can remedy by simply adding a drop of water to the marker.